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Software Development November 10, 2020

Mobile App vs. Website : 7 Reasons to choose Mobile Apps over Website

Writen by Vishal Shah


The world is moving at a faster pace with digital transformation. Mobile App Development companies have played a huge role in digital transformation. It is a fact that people use more mobile apps than mobile websites, as it offers a lot of benefits such as ease of browsing and ease of using hardware resources like a camera, GPS, and Bluetooth. Since smartphones came into the market, more people are browsing the internet on their phones rather than a desktop. A smartphone provides them with mobility, which a desktop cannot do. So, in short, people choose to browse from a mobile app rather than a mobile website.

We got a mobile app for anything, whether it is food ordering, doctor appointment booking, to read books, book a salon appointment, booking a grooming session, or almost anything you can ask for. So, mobile apps are ruling the market, and hardly anyone looks for a mobile website or care to browse it from the desktop.

Let’s see some stats on Mobile App vs. Website, so you get an idea of the benefits of developing a mobile app for your business.

Mobile App vs. Website Interesting Statistics

  • There are more mobile apps users than mobile website users. So, this is the very first and clear sign of why one should opt for Mobile App Development.
  • Desktop Browsing is outdated, as it doesn’t provide mobility, while mobile phones provide the user with mobility, and that’s why people prefer to browse anything from a mobile app.
  • Everyday, around 4300 apps are uploaded to Google Play Store. This is one strong reason to choose mobile app development for your business.
  • According to a report, 63% of millennials prefer to make a purchase from a mobile app rather than a website.

These are enough facts to make you aware of the importance of developing a mobile app for your business.

Conversion rate of Mobile Websites vs. Desktop vs. Mobile Apps

Let’s see the conversion rate of mobile websites, mobile apps and desktop browsing worldwide, and from that statistics, we can assume the conversion rate of mobile apps and how it can increase your business conversion as well. The below graph will help you understand the usage of mobile websites, desktop, and mobile apps.


Now, after reading the facts about mobile apps, let’s see some reasons to choose mobile apps over a website for any business. 

Reasons to Choose a Mobile App over Website 

There are numerous reasons to choose a mobile app over a website, and here, we will list some important reasons why one should choose to go for mobile app development. 

Better Resource Utilization 

When you develop a mobile app, like the Android app or iOS App, you get to use the phone hardware resources in an effective manner. A native Android or iOS Apps can use the phone’s resources in a better way, while a website cannot use the phone’s hardware resources properly. So, you can opt for Android App Development and iOS App Development. If you are worried about Android App Development cost or iOS App Development cost, then hiring an offshore development company won’t cost you much, and you can get your mobile app developed with minimal spending.

Better Personalization

When you develop a mobile application, you can serve personalization based on the user’s location, gender, interests, and a lot of other factors. It is a fact that when you serve personalized feed to the users, they are more likely to get converted. So, with Mobile App Development, you can offer personalized feed to the users, and as the feeds are interesting for the users, they are likely to purchase your product or services, so you get more sales and more revenue for your business. This is another great reason to opt for Mobile App Development.

Easy Communication

As we all know that “Communication is the key,” and communication is very important in business. When communication happens between a customer and a seller, sales happen, so if you want more sales, you need to communicate with your customers, and the best way to communicate with your customers is to implement a function or a chat module from which a customer can communicate with your business. A mobile app can provide you with an option to implement a chat module for the customers so they can talk with your business and get help buying your products or services.

More than 40% of the audience want support through chat, and a mobile app can easily provide you with that.
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Offline Access

When you have developed a native mobile app, your app can be accessed offline as well. We all have internet connection today, and but there might come some situations when the internet is not available, then native mobile apps can be accessed offline as well. So, even if you lose internet connection, a native mobile app (to some extent) will work. Mobile Apps like EMI calculator, some games, and apps that have static data can run offline and provide you with what you want.

Better Browsing Experience

A mobile app provides the user with a better browsing experience as all the app elements are rendered natively in a native mobile app, while a mobile website will not work as expected, as it cannot load the native elements like a textbox, a button, and other basic elements. All the websites can load is the HTML components, and they do no perform well as compared with the native Android and iOS components. So, when you choose to go for Mobile App Development, you will unknowingly choose the best browsing experience for the users, and that plays an important role in user conversion.

The Push Notification Advantage

When you have developed a mobile app, you can notify the users when a sale or great offer is available, and the customer will receive the notification and may have a look at the available deals and purchase something. This is a great strategy to call the customers who haven’t visited your app for a long time. This way, you can get their attention and convince them to have a look at your available offers, and increase your sales revenue. So, when you have a mobile app for your business, you can draw your customers’ attention through push notifications and make higher sales.

Brand Presence

Having a mobile app will represent your business as a brand, and you can create good branding for your business through a mobile app whether it an Android App, iOS App, or both. So, even if your business is a small business, a mobile app for it can fetch you a lot of benefits and set a great image of your business in your customers’ eyes. The customer may also spread the good word about your app and business in their circle, and you get more customers through just a mobile app. 

Mobile App & Mobile Website Trends for 2020 and Beyond

So, as of now in 2020, mobile apps are the most trending among mobile websites, and desktop websites. Mobile apps are for surely going to be far more trending than in 2020 as of now. More and more people are going mobile for their needs such as booking an appointment with a doctor, ordering their favorite meal, booking a grooming session at home and a lot more things. 

You can expect the Mobile Apps getting more and more popular in the upcoming future is the future is mobile, and a mobile app would be necessary for any business to survive in the market.

As a business owner, you too should try to develop a mobile app that perfectly represents your business and allow your customers to browse your business listings right from your mobile app. When the customers have a mobile app already installed on your phone, they are more likely to visit the app and purchase something from it. You should consider hiring a Mobile App Development company that helps you with your app development.

So, if you are thinking about developing a mobile app for your business, you are thinking in the right direction. You can hire a mobile app development company and make your business mobile with Android and iOS Apps for your business. If you want to contact the best Mobile App Development company, then you can contact us or drop us an email at sales@inexture.com, and we will contact you very soon for your Mobile App Development project.

Writen by Vishal Shah

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