See How Enterprise Search Can Uplift Your Business

As we all know, everything is moving online, whether it is getting a cab to go somewhere or finding the best food nearby, all services are available at your fingertips. As a business owner or as an entrepreneur, you must need to move your business online. Most businesses have moved online to attract more customers and gain more business revenue.

But, as everything is going on the internet and on the cloud, we need more storage space and more database to store every bit of your business data. So, as an entrepreneur or a company owner dealing with lots of data and databases, a fast way to search anything from your database is what all-you-need to find your desired file or data from all the content that you manage.

Okay, enough talked! You may have heard many Enterprise Search Service Providers talking about the Enterprise Search. But, what exactly is enterprise search? Let’s understand this in a simple way!

Enterprise Search:

So, according to webopedia, “Enterprise search is an extensive search system that provides the means to search both structured and unstructured data sources with a single query.”

So, we can say that Enterprise Search provides the search solution to both structured and unstructured data sources. Different data sources may include application databases, email servers, CMS files, etc, depending on your enterprise system. In short, enterprise search will bring you results from different data sources upon firing one single query, in a fraction of a second! Sounds wonderful! Doesn’t it?

There are a lot of search software currently being used worldwide like Apache Solr, Enterprise Search, etc. but, among all of them, you need to choose one best software that suits all of your needs, so, you must find that software that suits your needs. But, we recommend Enterprise Search to deal with your database and files.

Why Enterprise Search?

Enterprise Search is different from web search, it is different from desktop search also. Enterprise search searches the desired text string from the entire enterprise. If you are looking for reasons to adopt Enterprise Search, there are many, but here are the best reasons which will make you adopt Enterprise Search right now!

Precise Decision Making :

When you adopt Enterprise Search for your business, it will help you make more precise decisions as it delivers instant search results and deals with large databases and files very smoothly. When you find what you want very quickly, your work efficiency will be boosted and you will be able to make more precise decisions.


The Enterprise Search provides exceptionally good results when it comes to serving faster search results. Upon implementing this enterprise search, one can avail faster search results from various databases and uplift the work quality manifold. So, in the long-time, you can see that this enterprise search is indeed a cost-effective decision for your business.

Increased Productivity:

When you are responded with your search queries faster, your work becomes faster, and you become more productive unknowingly. So, you can get the Enterprise Search Service Provider and implement it to your current system and boost the productivity of your employees.


Enterprise Search is written in such a way that it is liked by the developers instantly. Its easy-to-integrate nature is loved by the developers worldwide, so, implementing enterprise search will be much easier than any other software. Now, you know why most companies recommend implementing enterprise search for your business or enterprise.

So, from all these points, now you must have been cleared on why enterprise search is important for your business organization, as it is developer-friendly and returns search results much faster than other software.

How does Enterprise Search work?

Now, as we are clear on why enterprise search is the next big thing, let’s plunge into how it works and see how enterprise search is able to return lightning-fast search results.

So, turning a database or different files into a series of search results is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of effort and queries to return lightning-fast search results. Enterprise search includes a total of five stages. The first three steps are made before any “search” is performed.

1. Content Awareness

Any particular search has to make sure which databases and which files it can access. Deciding such a thing is called “Content Awareness”. Content Awareness is decided before any search is actually performed.

2. Processing

Just like the previous step, this step Processing is also performed before any search query is fired. All the content which needs to be searched must be converted to the same type of document so that search can be performed faster. This process is what we call “processing”.

3. Indexing

When processing is completed, Indexing takes place. Indexing is sorting all the processed information. Indexing keeps track of frequently used terms in the data sources. By processing and indexing the data sources, the search can be performed relatively faster, as the data is sorted and hence, easy to track.

4. Query

Now, comes the real “search” process. After being done with processing and indexing, whenever a user enters any text to be searched and then hits enter, the search process starts, and this is what we call ‘query’. The user enters a query to be searched and we return results for it.

5. Matching

After being hit the enter button and the query being fired, comes the task of returning the relevant results. In this last stage, the search text string is matched with the processed and indexed results. Matching text string files are returned in the search results.

Additional Words

After reading all the above points, you must have been cleared on Enterprise Search and how it works, and why should you implement Enterprise Search in your next project. Now you know that whether it is providing lightning-fast search results or getting your company system a brand new search software that is actually powerful, you need to implement Enterprise Search in your system and boost the searching capability of the system!

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