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Your search bar is the key salesman for your website! The more intelligent your search bar, the more sales you get! In short, your search bar acts as a salesman for your website. The more it can understand, the more it can drive your sales. So, you just need to focus on making your search bar smarter, and see the magic! And we provide such services that make your search service smarter and faster!

enterprise search

A search system with the intelligence to understand your customers’ queries

The smart search system can easily identify color, category, product, and every other attribute of the fired query, and serve smart results according to the query.

Enterprise Search graphic
Enterprise Search

It can even find the correct results for misspelled queries.

The enterprise search can even identify the misspelled words, and serve the correct results by identifying what the user exactly wants. And that’s what drives your sales!

A search system that processes natural language

Understanding what users want and showing them the exact results are the key to your better sales. Enterprise search can even understand the natural language and process the search results according to the query.

Enterprise Search
Enterprise Search

The Enterprise Search can convert your visitors into three simple steps. Searched, Viewed, and Purchased. By giving the customers what they want, you can convert more and more visitors. And the Enterprise Search knows what the customer wants exactly! So, the Enterprise Search can boost your conversion like a pro!

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Elasticsearch is an open-source, distributed search engine made for all types of data whether it is text, documents, numerical, structured or unstructured data.

Enterprise Search
Enterprise Search


Apache Solr is a highly capable, fault-tolerant search engine that can make your search process super-smooth. Solr offers faceted search, real-time indexing, full-text search and much more.

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