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Python Development November 2, 2021

Django vs. Flask: A Comparison Guide

Writen by Dharmesh Patel


After 31 years of its inception, Python is still topping the charts for being one of the most used programming languages for mobile and web app development. This has solely happened because of the consistent up-gradation of Python with new technological trends. Python is the only programming language that offers an extensive range of various Python frameworks to build digital applications.

The two highly prominent frameworks of Python are Django and Flask. Flask was essentially built as an alternative to Django to make it more flexible. However, numerous Python app developers still prefer Django over Flask for the development process. Both frameworks have their perks and limitations and are suitable for building different types of applications.

This blog will help you gain insights into both Flask and Django and comparison of Django and Flask web development procedures, so that you can make an optimal choice for your business needs. Let’s begin with understanding:

What is Django Framework?

Django is an open-source Python framework that is used to develop mobile, web, and business applications. Django is built to deliver high performance and offers faster development with high efficiency. It follows the Model-Template-View pattern and ensures the swift development of applications with the highest quality.

Django developers prefer working on this framework because of the various high-end features it offers such as high security, excellent scalability, and more. The framework generally focuses on reusable components and less coding and utilizes a comprehensive approach to solve the challenges of development.

Key Features of Django

Django-or-Flask-which-is-Best-Suited-for-Your-Business-1-1100-x-600The reason for the increasing market of Django development services is because of the several features Django offers to its users. Some of the best features of the Django framework are:

The reason for Django’s high preference among the app developers is because the framework is highly comprehensive. The framework offers several packages and easy solutions for essential web and app development elements such as authentications, admin, messages, sessions, sitemaps, etc.

These packages take care of the configuration process for the users so that they can focus more on the development process.

Modern businesses choose Django development company to build their apps so that the apps can be effortlessly scaled when required. Apps designed using Django can run on separate database servers.

Moreover, features like clustering and load balancing help the app function at its optimal level without putting too much load on the digital device.

The versatile nature of the framework gives Django developers​​ another reason to leverage it for application development. Django and its built apps can run on all platforms and OS like iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Furthermore, the framework is also SEO-friendly and can smoothly work with content management systems such as WordPress.

Securing your company’s data from hackers, breaches, etc., is extremely crucial in modern times. That is why security is considered one of the essential parameters while choosing a framework to design an app.

Django includes protocols and powerful authentication systems that help avoid unauthorized access, clickjacking, cyberattacks, etc.

Use Cases of Django


Django was fundamentally designed for the rapid development of complex web and mobile applications. As the framework offers easy scalability and has the potential to process vast data in real-time, a lot of high-traffic websites and applications use it. Some of the most popular applications designed using Django are:

  1. Instagram
  2. Spotify
  3. The Washington Post
  4. Dropbox
  5. Mozilla 
  6. Pinterest

What is Flask Framework?

Flask is a Python-based microframework that is also used to develop web and mobile applications. Unlike the Django framework, which is comprehensive and designed to work on complex applications, Flask is a lightweight framework ideal for developing small-scale applications.

Flask is an independent platform and does not rely on external libraries to complete its operations. It has all the required libraries, tools, and technologies to support the functionalities of application development.

Flask is usually the preferred choice of amateur developers who are learning to code or are building lightweight applications since the framework is flexible and easy to use.

Key Features of Flask


Flask is no less than Django when it comes to offering pragmatic features. Some of the best features of the Flask framework are:

Easy to Use
The origin of Flask itself happened so that it can be leveraged for the development of non-complex applications. Therefore, the basic functionality of the framework is extremely simple and straightforward, which makes it easy to learn and code.In addition, all the necessary libraries are pre-installed in the framework that enables developers to navigate and build web and mobile applications effortlessly.

Flask is one of the most flexible Python frameworks that help developers effectively build applications. Each part of the application being developed by the framework can be customized according to the business requirements.

This gives the developers full control over the application development process, and they can swiftly design excellent web and mobile applications.

Integrated Unit Testing
Testing is essential for every application so that the number of bugs and issues can be resolved before the final product is revealed. Flask offers its programmers the capability to write unit tests for their applications. These tests can be utilized to test the code being developed with ease.

Also, the Flask framework has an excellent debugger that produces extremely fast testing results. In all, Flask integrated unit testing system enables robust development, swift debugging, and freedom to experiment.

High Accessibility
Flask is an independent framework that gives its developers full control to design and create applications. All the libraries and their functions are customizable and the developer can even experiment with the architecture of the framework. This makes the framework suitable to work on innovative and new app ideas that haven’t been invented yet.

Use Cases of Flask


Similar to the Django web development framework, Flask has also made its name globally by developing some exceptional mobile and web applications. Since the framework gives the developers more control over choosing the components of apps and how to interact with them, it is used by many successful applications. Some of the major apps designed using flask are:

  1. Netflix
  2. Red Hat
  3. RackSpace
  4. Airbnb
  5. Lyft
  6. Reddit

Django vs. Flask: A Quick Comparison

Django and Flask, both frameworks, have a few common and uncommon things. To understand better, let us compare some of the essential features of both the frameworks and figure out how one is different from another. Check out the given table:

Django or Flask: Which Framework to Choose For Web Development?

So should you go for Flask or Django development services? Do not worry if you are still confused about which framework would be ideal for your project. Let us quickly brief up both the frameworks and help you decide on which benefits your business needs. 

Flask offers you a granular level of control so that you can craft your applications from scratch to end yourself. Conversely, Django uses predefined libraries and can be resourceful to build powerful applications. 

Therefore, if your project requirements are simple and defined, then go for Flask. Else, pick Django that can help you build large applications that are easy to scale. You can also leverage both frameworks to build a few basic CRUD apps and then decide which framework suits your needs the best.  

Find out how to hire the best Flask/Django Developers to design your business app

Final Thoughts

Both Flask and Django are phenomenal frameworks that have their distinct set of benefits to develop mobile and web applications. Where Django is known for its rapid development of complex applications, Flask provides full flexibility to design new and innovative apps. Whatever option you select, make sure to shortlist the best Python development company for it, and they will guide you with the best possible solutions for your requirements.

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