Why do Businesses want to Hire Java Developers for Application Development?


Java is considered as one of the finest programming languages of all time that has continued to spread its glory among programmers even after 27 years of its formation. The market for Java web development services is still hot as businesses continue to adopt applications designed using the Java language. The reason for the high prominence of the language is because of its multiple pragmatic features and consistent improvement in its programming efficiency over the years.

Despite the emergence of several other programming languages, Java still holds its position amongst the top demanded languages in 2021 as listed by Indeed. If you wonder what makes Java so likable with offshore java developers, let us present some facts and information to you through this blog. Let us begin!

Latest Trends for Java Programming Language
Latest Trends for Java Programming

Unlike various other languages, Java has maintained its relevance in the market and stayed up to date with the evolving technology. Java keeps upgrading its system following the latest trends that help it improve and emerge stronger than before.

The active community of Java portal development is always eager to find new exciting ways to work with Java and respond to the needs of different industry verticals. Here are a few emerging trends for which Java developers are utilizing the language to bring forward new innovative applications:

AI-Driven Applications

Java is an efficient language that is suitable for developing Artificial Intelligence-driven applications. AI applications require extensive use of algorithms, and easy coding techniques of Java make it easy to write codes for different types of algorithms. Besides, Java provides a host of resources that can help connect ML (Machine Learning) with Artificial Intelligence and develop useful applications.

Serverless Architecture

Serverless architecture is in huge demand today. Many companies are shifting towards this new computing technology through which apps can run without managing their infrastructure. Java can be leveraged for developing a robust serverless system that will ease the pressure of operations for businesses.

Remote Accessible Solutions

Java is an effective tool for building efficient and convenient solutions for businesses that require remote access to their products. Remote accessibility is witnessing huge demand in the global market these days, and developing its apps through Java can be hugely advantageous for all.

Big Data

Big Data is one of the biggest growing industries in the world. The insights it can generate using any form of data are commendable and useful for any industry. Java offers numerous open-source tools such as Apache Mahout, Apache Hadoop, and Deeplearning4j that are highly beneficial for developing Big Data applications.

Application Uses of Java

Application Uses of Java

Java is an exceptional language that is easy to interpret and has developed millions of applications for all kinds of businesses. A few of the principal uses for Java are as follows:

Android Apps

Although Java was introduced much before the inception of Android, Java still provides all the necessary tools required for building Android applications. Java leverages Google’s Android API for the development of Android apps.

Business Apps

Java offers independent code and flexible integration with multiple platforms, due to which it is preferred by the majority of enterprises to build their business applications.

Scientific Applications

Scientific applications generally make use of natural language processing. Java is a portable language that is secure, easy to maintain, and has various high-level concurrency tools because of which it is considered among the best choices to develop scientific applications.

Software and Tools

Apart from building mobile and web applications, Java is also used for the development of other software. Some popular softwares developed in Java are Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, and NetBeans IDE.

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Top Reasons for Developers to Choose Java for Application Development
Java App Development

The huge popularity of Java isn’t just a hoax but a reality and is due to the presence of multiple unique sets of features. Here are a few features that make Java ideal for programming and why the need for a Java development company is still vast:

High Accessibility with Platform Independence

Java is a popular open-source programming language that provides a huge number of app development facilities. Java runs on a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) that needs to be installed in your computer system.

JRE makes Java run across multiple platforms with ease and without any interpretation of the code. Furthermore, JRE can be installed in all OS, including Mac, Linux, Windows, and even your smartphone OS. This makes the language platform-independent and easily accessible for all Java developers.

Rich Application Programming Interface

The Application Programming Interface (API) of Java is extremely rich. It provides several methods to the users that can be directly implanted over any code. The methods cater to various purposes such as networking, parsing XML, connecting to databases, handling input-output, and so on.

In addition, Java consists of hundreds of open-source libraries like Google Guava, Apache POI, Apache Commons, Apache Xerxes, OpenCV, Gson, etc.

Extensive Suite of Powerful Development Tools

One of the reasons offshore Java developers love using this language is the many powerful development tools linked with the language. The set includes editors, debuggers, automation tools, and much more.

Each of these tools is built for managing the different concerns of developers over the years. Some of the most notable tools are GIT, Jenkins, Docker, Gradle, Selenium, etc. All these tools and technologies offer excellent support for both coding and development.

Code Reusability

Code reusability uses the same code for different classes that demand the same logical reasoning. Writing the same code time and again not only frustrates a developer but is extremely time-consuming.

Java uses the concept of ‘objects’ that helps a developer to reuse common codes wherever applicable. The similar attributes between two distinct objects within a class are shared using an object that saves plenty of developers time building other attributes of the software application. Code reusability makes coding simple, fast, and inexpensive.

Adaptability, Robustness, and Stability

Java is a language that is extremely robust, highly adaptable across multiple platforms, and offers great stability. Java programs are easy to run, both on large and small-scale systems, which signifies that the codes are robust and stable. Therefore, as the coding limits aren’t restricted in Java, you can freely develop any number of complex business applications.

Seamless Distribution of Codes Among Multiple Servers

Java is one of the most adaptable, robust, and stable languages in the programming world. When a business wants to run a software application on its different network of computers, the biggest challenge is to synchronize the computers in a way that the app runs seamlessly on the system.

Java’s PATH and CLASSPATH are two environment variables that are efficient in effortlessly distributing and running a program across different servers.

Enormous Community of Java Developers

After so many years of its introduction, Java is still holding on its own due to the fact that it has a large online community. The community helps other Java developers to seek out answers to the problems they are facing in their Java web app development process. Also, being an open-source language, programmers can also contribute to the solutions of existing problems on the cloud.

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Final Thoughts

Java is one of its kind, and two substantial reasons for its flourishing demand and eminence are cross-platform compatibility and high scalability. Both these features make the language ideal for the development of Java applications for businesses of all kinds. Java web development services are thriving across the development industry for a reason, and that reason is Java. To build a new Java project for the execution of your idea, contact our team here.

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